Improving the Android Market user interface

When you think of Google product interfaces you normally think of clean, clutter free, and easy to navigate. So why is the Android market interface so cluttered and difficult to navigate? Is there a way to clean it up and still have the same information on the market home page as before?

The first thing that stands out to me is the dark colors. No other Google service has dark colors which don’t seem to be astatically pleasing to me (and almost clash with the softer colors). Perhaps stick to white or other light colored background like the majority of Google products. Secondly, they’re not efficiently using the viewing space. Big icons that take up half the screen to direct us to games, apps, movies, and books can easily be refined down to just text.

png thumb2 Improving the Android Market user interface

To fix the Android market screen, perhaps it should be designed from top to bottom left to right instead of the tiled approach. Most apps have the file, edit, help buttons on the top from left to right. When designing Google Play, perhaps the navigation such as games and books should be on the top of the screen as well and read left to right. The featured apps from every category can be small icons with their name underneath, thus taking up less space and being easier to find. Lastly, changing the background from black to white makes eliminates the clashing light and dark colors seen previously.

png thumb5 Improving the Android Market user interface

Here are a few mockups that Android Police came up with to improve the GUI of the market. They have examples of what it could look like on a tablet and smart phone. I personally think it’s a vast improvement.